Chapter 3

3:1 Learning From Miracles
Both the soul and the body have to give an accounting before the King of kings.
3:2 A Book of Remembrance
Jewish mystics reveal spiritual insights regarding the concept of a yahrzeit.
3:2 Shepherdess of the Exile
Kabbalah explains that our survival in exile depends upon the Divine Presence.
3:3 Tasty Fixings
Souls may be reincarnated into food in order to finally become rectified.
3:7 The Gift of Wealth
A person not so deserving of life may still be allowed to live because others depend on him.
3:9 Wisdom Before Fear
One shouldn't let a lack of fear of Heaven stop him
3:10 Satisfaction
Just as every person is a microcosm, so is the entire Jewish people a single spiritual organism.
3:14 Created in the Divine Image
By tasting the fruit of the Tree of Life we can restore our original Divine image.
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