Man, who is the purpose of Creation, was created in the form and image of G‑d.

The Midrash says Man was created with two profiles, male and female (attached back-to-back). In the same way, Man's body and soul were likewise equal partners, holy for G‑d.

Hashem separated the male and female profiles from each other. [In marriage] they join together and become one flesh. In this way, they emulate the upper realms.

G‑dly holiness that sustains the world flows to the world when Zeir Anpin and Nukva, supernal traits identified as male and female, join as one. Just as earthly male and female join to produce offspring, the heavenly male and female join to send G‑d's holy light toward our physical world.

"G‑d blessed them, and called their name, 'Adam'"(Gen. 5:2). Thus, man and wife together form one whole entity called Adam.

The body acts as a garment of the soul. The garment was pure as white snow. The Torah says (Gen. 3:21), G‑d garbed Adam and his wife in garments of skin / כתנות עור. Rabbi Meir wrote that this was only after they sinned. In a play on words, he says they were first clothed with garments of light / כתנות אור. The body – a garment of light – was as holy as the soul.

Man was complete, lacking nothing. He lived in the Garden of Eden, ate of the trees of the garden, and his sole responsibility was (Gen. 2:15) "to work the garden and to keep the garden". Our sages teach that "to work the garden" refers to the 248 active commandments; "to keep the garden" refers to the 365 prohibitions; 613 in all.

Of course, he observed the spiritual component of the mitzvot, not the physical component with which we are familiar.

This was Plan A. This was the reality of the world before Adam and Chava succumbed to the temptations of the evil urge embodied by the snake.