Mystical Classics

An anthology from the Shelah, the Alshich, the Ohr Hachayim, and others

Sweetening the Bitter Peels
The dialogue between Eve and the serpent was of profound mystical significance
In the Garden of Eden
Kabbalah teaches that performing a mitzvah actually transforms a person’s soul.
Root Understanding
Each individual soul has its own unique potential to ascend to higher consciousness
The Good Light
Its radiance beamed from one end of the world to the other
Need for a Name
Need for a Name
She alone deserved to be called "mother" of all human beings because she alone endured pain due to procreation.
G-d looked into the Torah four times before He brought His Creation into actuality.
Effect of The Sin of Adam
"Gate of Reincarnations": Chapter Three, Section 2
Learning about reincarnation from Adam HaRishon.
Just as earthly male and female join to produce offspring, the heavenly male and female join to send G-d's holy light toward our physical world.
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