Contemporary Kabbalists

Penetrating insights from leading Kabbalists & mystics of our times

Seeing Shabbat
One must see that G-d has given him Shabbat.
The Additional Shabbat Soul
On Shabbat, the mysteries of the Torah are opened
Night of the Righteous
Following every Shabbat, duality is absorbed by oneness.
Shabbat: Gateway to Delight
Shabbat enables us to access the all-encompassing quality of delight
A Rose Overflowing with Wine
During Kiddush, we harmonize love with awe, and recall redemption.
Shabbat and the Worlds
The Sanctuary needed to be built like this world, which corresponds to the body of man.
Three Levels of Shabbat
At the end of each week, the worlds ascend to their original level and the spiritual light that was before the sin of Adam and Eve is then revealed.
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