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Our goal is to create the most comprehensive kosher kabbala site on the Internet. We are spreading the knowledge of kabbala throughout the world, in the hopes of hastening the redemption.

Who is Kabbala Online?

Kabbala Online was conceived by a Jewish businessman in America who is deeply involved in informations technology. He had a vision of the world wide web being the way to bring the revelations of Jewish mysticism to as many people as possible, as quickly as possible, and thus hasten our redemption! To fulfill this beautiful dream he came to the Holy City of Safed, resting place of the Holy Arizal, to find the Torah scholars who would be able to make his dream a reality.

Ascent Institute of Safed has been teaching Jewish mysticism to English speaking Jews since 1983, and recently added websites to its multi-faceted outreach programming: a match made in Heaven! Today a dedicated staff of writers editors, internet technicians and graphic artists work at Ascent's offices in Safed and around the world to create KabbalaOnline.org. Our cooperation spans the globe from Safed and Jerusalem to France, Canada, New York and Kentucky.

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What is Kabbala Online?

  • A website: The most comprehensive, 100% kosher Internet source for Kabbala of all sites with Kabbala content on the world wide web today. Modern communications technology making the inner dimensions of Jewish mysticism accessible to more people around the globe than ever before in the history of Kabbala.
  • A global community of Torah students united for the purpose of studying the inner dimensions of the Torah
  • Faithful translations of Kabbala texts used as a guide to proper conduct in all areas of contemporary life, including first-ever translations into English of classic Kabbala texts. Our translations include explications, hyperlinks and pop-up glosses making the content of these esoteric teachings clear and understandable even to readers with no prior kabbalistic study.
  • Essays on contemporary topics and issues of personal growth in the light of kabbala.
  • The only Kabbala resource on the web that provides detailed comprehensive history of Kabbala and its integration with the revealed aspects of Torah

On Kabbala Online you will find:

  • Online access to kosher Jewish mysticism, the inner dimensions of Torah, comprehensible to all in English
  • Weekly articles elucidating the Torah portion and Jewish holidays with Kabbala & Chasidut, delivered to your electronic mailbox
  • A library of Kabbalistic texts in English translation available online
  • Vast archives of articles illuminating all areas of Jewish life with the light of Kabbala, fully available on-line
  • Complete dictionary of Kabbala terminology
  • Encyclopedia of Kabbala sages from the beginning until the present
  • Ask the Kabbalist - your questions answered by Kabbala scholars
  • Send a Prayer- Your prayers brought to the gravesites of Jewish Sages and Kabbalists in Safed and the surrounding area

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The Zohar teaches, "In the merit of this book the Jewish people will leave Exile in mercy." (Zohar, Parashat Naso, p. 1446).

The Arizal taught, "A person does not completely fulfill his obligation [to study Torah] by involving himself with Tanach, Mishna, Aggada, and the Babylonian Talmud. Rather, one is obligated to involve himself to the best of his ability in the secrets of the Torah and the Work of the Chariot, for there is no greater pleasure for G‑d in all the creation than when His children below involve themselves in the secrets of Torah - to know His greatness, His beauty, and His supremacy." (Introduction to Etz Chaim)

The Baal Shem Tov was granted a vision of Mashiach. He asked of the Mashiach, "When will you come?" The Mashiach answered: "When your wellsprings burst forth to the outside."