Contemporary Kabbalists

Penetrating insights from leading Kabbalists & mystics of our times

Conquering the Serpent's Venom
By spreading the inner dimension of Torah, we reveal the inner dimension of our own souls.
Captive Sparks of Divinity
Apparent estrangement from G-d may be a hidden way of elevating the fallen.
The Realm of the Permissible
Different categories of war
Safeguarding the Roof of Your Life
After you get married, the demands of your new lifestyle can undermine your spirituality.
The "beautiful woman" that the Jewish soldiers met in battle were purposely sent there by the enemy to distract them.
Battling Our Enemies Within
Our most lethal enemy is that which chills our excitement to serve G-d.
Your Eyes and Your Income
Impurity causes not only financial poverty, but also poverty of the mind; the brain becomes addled and fogged, leading to low attention span and a lack of patience, and consequently lack of success in one’s business dealings.
Marriage reflects the flow of Divine Energy through the Process of Creation.
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