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Conquering the Serpent's Venom
By spreading the inner dimension of Torah, we reveal the inner dimension of our own souls.
The Talmud mentions four individuals who led sinless lives and died only because of "the venom of the primordial snake." When the Arizal eulogized the "Ramak", he implied that the "Ramak" was clean even of this blemish.
Captive Sparks of Divinity
Apparent estrangement from G-d may be a hidden way of elevating the fallen.
The concept of the captive woman signifies the aspect of our consciousness that has been trapped in worldly materiality. Both the intellect and the emotions must be cleansed of their material orientation in order to be restored to full divine consciousness.
Battling Our Enemies Within
Our most lethal enemy is that which chills our excitement to serve G-d.
Amalek attacks us in two ways. Sometimes he attacks via the intellect, as when he attacked the Israelites when they first left Egypt and were on their way to receive the Torah. If the inner Amalek fails to cool us off, he will disguise himself as a Canaanite, an inhabitant of the land of material life we enter after our daily prayers and studies.
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