Chasidic Masters

Inspirational insights from the Baal Shem Tov and Hasidic leaders of succeeding generations

High-Powered Transmission
A true Jewish leader cares for individual souls as well as for the nation in its entirety.
The Covenant of Peace
Pinchas took both their souls in order to unite them in one body.
Radicalism Today
A Shaking World
How will a Western world, complacent with its comforts, ever face the violent passion of thousands of religious zealots?
Relating to Righteous Indignation
In order to better understand Pinchas the Zealot, we have to look back to Cain and Abel.
Judaism declares the oneness of G-d and the plurality of man. The idea that all of us must be the same is foreign to the Judaic ethos.
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