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Radicalism Today
A Shaking World
The Torah is filled with the message of love and compassion and clearly and consistently abhors zealotry. The only exception of sanctioned zealotry is Pinchas. When saw that people were dying as a result of the public atrocity and desecration that Zimri perpetrated, Pinchas went against his own quiet nature to defend G-d and save lives.
The Covenant of Peace
Pinchas took both their souls in order to unite them in one body.
Since Nadab and Abihu never married, the Zohar considers them as only half a person. When Pinchas was given the covenant of peace in the merit of smiting Zimri and Kosbi, the souls of Nadab and Abihu united with his own and were thus rectified.
High-Powered Transmission
A true Jewish leader cares for individual souls as well as for the nation in its entirety.
The essential quality of a leader of the Jewish people is to be concerned not only with the general welfare of the nation, but also with the personal needs of each and every Jew. In turn, each disciple must be willing to accept upon himself the influence and guidance of the Tzadik, thus insuring that the chain of transmission will always be strong.
Relating to Righteous Indignation
In order to better understand Pinchas the Zealot, we have to look back to Cain and Abel.
If we want to take the initiative as Pinchas did– we must be sure that it’s only for G-d. Any impurity in our motivation can have drastic consequences.
Diversity is sown into the very fabric of existence. A leader's goal is not to have all of his or her followers look alike, but rather the leader must contain within himself or herself the unique disposition and soul-energy of each individual, guiding them to maximize their own potential, just as the brain guides individual limbs and organs to function according to their particular nature within a larger organism.
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