Ascent Lights

Contemporary illuminations from Ascent-of-Safed's director, Rabbi Shaul Leiter, staff & guest teachers

Rise and Shine
The Menorah represents the unified spectrum of the Jewish People.
Friend of G-d, Friend of Mine
Someone who hates the Jews, hates G-d
Kosher Inexpensive
Such an exalted person who merited such high spiritual levels! What did Moses have to be humble about?
The Soul of Man is the Candle of G‑d
The seven candles of the menorah in the Holy Temple represent 7 levels of serving G‑d.
Becoming a Light Giver
The true nature of man is to take pleasure in accomplishment through his own efforts..
Loving Your GPS
Three Attitudes Toward Your Life Journey
The pillar of cloud may have directed Israel’s trek in the desert, but there were three ways to relate to this truth.
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