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Rise and Shine
The Menorah represents the unified spectrum of the Jewish People.
Like a candle, the soul is supposed to shine until it rises upward. When a person is involved in serving G-d and his soul is able to express its true purpose in the world, then it rises upward naturally. Rising has two connotations: connecting to G-d above and not being distracted by difficulties in this world, below.
Kosher Inexpensive
Such an exalted person who merited such high spiritual levels! What did Moses have to be humble about?
Moses knew that Tzitzit is considered equal to all the commandments of the Torah combined and was surprised to discover that it could even be made from something as lowly as flax fiber. Similarly, the commandment of Tefillin is so dear in heaven that we learn that G-d too wears them.
The Soul of Man is the Candle of G‑d
The seven candles of the menorah in the Holy Temple represent 7 levels of serving G‑d.
A candelabra has two components: the light and the vessel that holds the light. This corresponds to the soul and the body. By "raising up the candle" we not only reveal the soul in the body, but we clarify that the body is made to be a vessel for the soul.

Judaism requires that each person "raise up his candle" through his own effort. The soul comes into the body to use his or her own strength to act and thereby become a partner with G-d in the creation of the world.
Friend of G-d, Friend of Mine
Someone who hates the Jews, hates G-d
Moses prayed that, as the Jews traveled in the desert, their enemies would not harm them. If we would each work on our divine service, every Jew according to his or her level, this would directly protect us from danger. The fact that the Nations may hate us is a reflection of our declining spiritual status.
Becoming a Light Giver
"When you raise up the candles..."

"Raising up the candle" means to spark "the soul of man", with the divine light of His commandments and Torah. In doing so, we will "illuminate" the body and its physical aspects with the innate spiritual light of the divine soul. This, in turn, should bring us to the realization that the whole existence of the Jew is, "a menorah made entirely of gold."
Loving Your GPS
Three Attitudes Toward Your Life Journey
A cloud hovers above each of us, guiding our individual and collective voyages in life. But it is up to us to choose whether to remain unaware of an unavoidable truth-that life presents us each with a particular set of challenges and opportunities, or whether to surrender to it, often begrudgingly, or if you align your ambitions, dreams and goals with those of G‑d.
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