The Zohar

Teachings from the primary text of Kabbala, "The Book of Shining Light"

Kabbalah teaches that everything in the revealed world depends on the higher hidden world, its source.

The World as a Walnut
The Tabernacle was like a station built to receive a transmission.
Every Mitzvah Has Its Price
The Zohar teaches that we must give of ourselves when giving to G-d.
According to One's Ability
One must pay in full for the expenses of a mitzva.
The Tabernacle exemplified the spiritual body of the Creation.
Blessings Upon you
Audio | 16:54
Blessings Upon you
Based on Zohar Teruma 153
The table upon which a person eats exists to purify that person from all his sins.
The Difference Between Nine and Ten
Based on Zohar Shemot 131a
A bitter spice was included in the incense as a reminder that Jewish sinners are still Jews.

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