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Every Mitzvah Has Its Price
The Zohar teaches that we must give of ourselves when giving to G-d.
The Zohar comments that every true effort to serve G-d is accompanied by some sort of payment or contribution. The Zohar goes as far as to say that an atmosphere of impurity always rests upon that which is free. When one pays the full price, giving wholeheartedly, with much intense effort and purification, he/she is greatly favored by G-d.
"The Tabernacle will be one piece"

The tent of the Tabernacle was formed from ten tapestries fastened together; these ten tapestries correspond to the ten sefirot of the world of Tikun. The unification of the ten sefirot of the world of Tikun rectifies the discord and lack of unity of the sefirot of Tohu, which shattered because there was no unity and harmony among them.
According to One's Ability
One who wants to make an effort to perform a particular practical mitzva should be aware that he should not make an effort at no financial cost to himself, or with a gift received. Rather, a person ought to make the effort as is fitting in accordance with his wealth.
Blessings Upon you
Audio | 16:54
Blessings Upon you
Based on Zohar Teruma 153
"You shall make a Table of acacia wood..."

Food for the whole world emerges from this table , so it should not be empty even for one moment. There should be food on it, because the blessing is not present in an empty place.
The World as a Walnut
The Tabernacle was like a station built to receive a transmission.
The Zohar notes that Tabernacle was built in a similar fashion to the physical body. The Divine Presence is always drawn down from the spiritual to manifest in the physical; this is the secret of the Tabernacle as a "body" built to receive the "brain" within its shell.

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