"Adir [powerful] on high is God" (Ps.93). "One who wants success should plant an adar tree." (Talmud Megilah) AD"R/Adar numerically equals H"R/har [mountain]. "One who has a court case should push it off to Adar."[Ibid]

"And it was turned around..." (Esther). Adar is the last month. It was supposed to be a month under the jurisdiction of the sitra achra ("the other side" — opposite of holiness). (Zohar) Instead it was turned into a time of kedushah/holiness. Destruction was decreed upon the people. They were miraculously saved in Adar. (Esther) The dynamic of transformation makes Adar extra good. It has the best mazal [luck]. Therefore it is the time to go to a court case. It goes so far that planting any tree in Adar makes it destined for success, and planting the tree called Adar anytime helps to have success in all endeavors.

What is so special about death?

"And behold it was very good. And it was evening, and it was morning - the sixth day" (Gen.). "'Very good' - this is the angel of death." (Zohar I Breishit) What is so special about death?

The simple form of good is straight - apparent to the naked eye. However, something that doesn't look positive, even though it is, can actually be better. But because it is an intense degree of good, it cannot manifest in a simple manner.

This is the special good of Adar - for it comes from the dynamic of being turned around. This is what opens up its super-mazel. And this is the reason why Mordechei/MRDChY, the main channel through which Adar was transformed, is gematria rav chesed/RV ChSD [super lovingkindness]. (Likutei Moharan 56)

This is the secret of a strange tale told by the Talmud. Raba and Rebbi Zeira celebrated the Purim banquet together. Raba got exceedingly drunk, rose up and slaughtered Rebbi Zeira. The next day he revived Rebbi Zeira.

The holiday of Purim possesses the power of rejuvenation.

Even if such a thing occurred, why does the Talmud have to go public and tell about it? Based on the above it is simple. The holiday of Purim possesses the power of rejuvenation. That is why it must fall out in Adar the end of months - that itself was revived from a state of death to life.1 The story is a marked demonstration of this dynamic. (See Chidushie Harim Purim) Indeed the world needs to know of it.

"And You G‑d mighty on high" (Ps.93:4). "And You God are high forever" (Ibid 92:9). Through the special life and good of Adar, God's unique might is manifest: The might of metamorphosis. It is so like a mountain2 - "on high".3 For the power to change death to life comes from an exalted place above this world.

"There is an idea in which everything is turned to good." (Nachmanides) With this we can see the unfolding of the months in a process of ascent. The YHVH-permutation of Shevat, the previous month, comes out of a verse that speaks about temurah - things being switched. (Lev.) The power of Shevat is to go into such places and fix a negative switch and prevent it from doing damage.4 Still, at the stage of Shevat, the switch would have been better not made, for the transformation is not complete. Whereas Adar/vinehapichu [and was turned around] takes negativity itself and turns it into absolute good.

This is all seen in the permutation of G‑d's four-letter name that corresponds to the month of Adar - HHYV. The H's are letters of din. They both precede Y and V, the letters of chesed. Death comes from din, life from chesed. The positioning of these letters suggests the revival dynamic. Especially since Y, written as a point, represents the seed of life - here it precedes V, written as a line from above to below, symbolizing the drawing of life.5

When a deep idea is actualized, a union of opposites from both extremes of the sefirot occurs.

"And he placed keter/malchut [a royal crown] on her head..." (Esther). "The end is embedded in the beginning and the beginning in the end." (Sefer Yetzira 1) Keter is the first of the sefirot and includes all possible potential. Malchut is last and is the vessel through which all is expressed and concretized. When a deep idea is actualized, a union of opposites from both extremes of the sefirot occurs. What is above on high descends and expresses in the lowest levels.

"The world is built from chesed" (Ps.103:4). The original motivation of creation was from chesed. 6 It comes down and descends to express through the lowest mundanities.7 One who sees this can merit expanded consciousness. He is thereby facilitated to reveal more and more of the 'above' in below itself. Adar energy is geared to allow one to do this much faster...

All of the above is directly pertinent to the individual. There are dormant parts of the self - both those that were once fruitful and expressing, and those that never expressed. Adar is the special time that can be used to revive these parts. It is the greatest time of empowerment and self realization. One can coronate himself with the glorious regal crown of super-potential actualized in life.