This hymn extols the virtues of Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai, the author of the holy Zohar. It relates how he achieved greatness in each of the 10 sefirot. Each stanza corresponds to a different one of the sefirot (indicated here by the Hebrew small words that precede each stanza (malchut, yesod, etc.). The composer spelled out his name (Shimon Lavia) in the first letters of the Hebrew stanzas. This song, commonly sung on Shabbat and all through the days of the counting of the Omer, is heard around the clock on Lag B'Omer in the northern Israeli town of Meron, the site of Rabbi Shimon's tomb.

Bar Yochai - fortunate are you, anointed with joyous oil [i.e. wisdom], over and above your companions.

Bar Yochai…You were anointed with the holy oil that flows down from the transcendent [source of mercy]. [Like the High Priest], you wore a holy crown that set you aside from other men, an aura of splendor bound eternally upon your head. (Refrain)

Bar Yochai…It was a comely dwelling that you found, on the day you ran away and escaped from the Romans. [For thirteen years] you stood in the sand of the rocky cave - there you merited to your crown of splendor and radiance. (Refrain)

Secrets of the Torah whose fragrances are sweeter than blossoms and flowers….

Bar Yochai…Your students are like the [strong and beautiful] beams of acacia wood [used to hold up the Tabernacle]. When they learn G‑d's Torah, they become ignited with the wondrous burning light [of its secrets]. Behold, these secrets were revealed to you by your teachers [Moses and Elijah]. (Refrain)

Bar Yochai…[While still alive] you ascended to the Field of Apples [Garden of Eden] to gather remedies [for the souls of your people]. Secrets of the Torah whose fragrances are sweeter than blossoms and flowers. For you alone the entire creation of Man was worthwhile. (Refrain)

Bar Yochai…You girded yourself with strength and attained total self-mastery in order to fight the battle of the Torah of [black fire on white] fire in the gates [where the judges sat]. You unsheathed its sword and brandished it against the enemies [of your people]. (Refrain)

Bar Yochai...You ascended to a palace of pure light marble stones. Even there you [hardened your face like the lion, and] stood unmoved before the constellation of Leo. Crowned in glory, you ascended beyond the Great Bear [to perceive wonders that no mortal ever grasped]. You saw, but who could see you?! (Refrain)

Bar Yochai …When you reached the Holy of Holies [of the Supernal Tabernacle, you grasped the secret of] the Green Line (the thread of measured light through which G‑d created the world and) through which He continually renews the works of Creation daily. [The works of Creation are known as] the Seven Weeks (Forty-Nine Gates of Understanding). In order to go beyond this and grasp the secret of Fifty, you bound [your thought to] the letter shin [on both sides of the Head-Tefilin]. (Refrain)

Bar Yochai…You perceived the inner radiance of the letter yud, the ineffable wisdom of the Torah that preceded Creation. [You mastered] the Thirty-Two Paths [that flow from the yud, the essence of the Torah which is called] the "First Teruma". Then, like the Cherubim [on high], you were anointed with the splendor of [G‑d's] radiant light. (Refrain)

Bar Yochai…When you reached the highest level of the mysterious hidden light, you feared to gaze due to the enormity of its radiance. It [is the most hidden level of G‑d's Will and Purpose which] is called No-thing, concerning which [G‑d] said, "No man can see Me [and remain physically alive]." (Refrain)

Bar Yochai…Fortunate is the mother who bore you, fortunate is the nation that imbibes your teachings! And fortunate are those who grasp the secrets [you revealed]! They don the Breastplate of your perfections and lights. (Refrain)