So in the same manner is the lily which sits upon 5 sepals - resembling the 5 fingers. And this lily [corresponds to] the goblet of blessing.

There are 5 words from the 2nd "Elokim" [mentioned in the Torah] to the 3rd "Elokim" ["and the spirit of Elokim hovered (1) upon (2) the face (3] of the waters (4). And said (5) Elokim let there be light" (Gen. 1:3)].

From the third "Elokim" until the end of the story of Creation, "light" is mentioned 5 times. These are the roots of the 5 chasadim of bina, which are given to malchut to shine to the world. However, G‑d did not want the wicked to benefit from this light, so he then took it away from malchut, and hid the light in yesod….

From here and further the light that was created and was hidden and included in the covenant [yesod] - these went into the lily and brought out of her seed.

Those who decide to be righteous thereby connect themselves to the hidden depths of malchut….

Even though the light was taken away from malchut - this was only to keep it from being revealed. But the Supernal Emanator shined the light into the yesod, which shined it (in a hidden way) to malchut. Those who decide to be righteous thereby connect themselves to the hidden depths of malchut, automatically opening access to this light.

These 5 chasadim are the spiritual "semen". Yesod is thus called a tree that makes fruit in malchut. And this fruit is the souls of the righteous, which are born from the unification of Zeir Anpin and Nukva.

And this is called "the tree that makes fruit that seed is in it". And that seed actually endures in the sign of the covenant.

This means to teach us that the spiritual yesod, unlike its physical counterpart, does not lose when it gives its flow to the malchut. But these 5 chasadim remain in the yesod afterwards - just like the candle that lights another remains lit.

And just as the form of the covenant is sown in 42 paired unifications of that seed, thus is sown the engraved explicit name in the 42 letters of Creation.

The concept of covenant means the connection of two sides….

Here, "the covenant" refers to the "upper covenant", meaning the supernal mouth of Arich Anpin, which is above Zeir Anpin. The concept of covenant means the connection of two sides. Both the mouth and yesod are called "covenant" because through them comes relationship and flow of one to another. Conceptually, upper and lower spiritual levels are viewed as form and matter to each other. The mouth, which produces speech, being the more spiritual type of relationship, is therefore called the "form" of the covenant.

The Zohar here briefly hints at the secret of how the covenant of the partzufim Zeir Anpin and Nukva came about. The above partzuf Arich Anpin went through raising up 2 names "Eh-yeh" each one gematria 21, together 42. The palate reacted by shining down the name yud-hei-vav (of Ban), which equals 42. Together they formed these 42 paired unifications from which the seed of the yesod of Arich Anpin was created.

This root of the 42 paired unifications above then manifested in the children born (the 6 sefirot of Zeir Anpin) to the 42-Letter Name. This name is composed of 7 6-letter divisions - each of them corresponding to one of these sefirot. They are all included in the sixth one (the yesod) and there manifest as seed. Thus are the 42 unifications "sown" into Zeir Anpin through the 42 Letter Name.

[This series became the basis for the recently compiled "Zohar - translation and commentary" by Peretz Auerbach. Part One has just become available as an e-book.]