"…When you light the lamps, toward the face of the Menorah shall the seven lamps shine." And this is the making of the Menorah, beaten out gold, to its base, to its flower, it is beaten out…." (Num. 8:2,4)

The Menorah symbolizes the general unity of all of the Nation of Israel. Its base represents the simple masses, those who fulfill the Mitzvahs with simple faith and innocence and also those who [financially] support Torah. Its flowers represent people who do good deeds and loving-kindness towards their fellow man and who are actively involved in the needs of the public, to help others. Its cups ('gaviya') represent the Torah Scholars, who are vessels for the Light of chochma, just as a 'gaviya' is a vessel for wine.

...an indispensable condition for the Menorah is to be able to shine.

All of these had to be beaten out of one [piece of gold] and an indispensable condition for the Menorah is to be able to shine. The Menorah would stand in the South [of the Holy section of the Temple], as our Sages say, "If one wishes to become wise, they should turn [their intentions] to the south." Olive oil also represents chochma.

On the Menorah there were seven lamps: three on the right side, three on the left side, and one in the middle. All of the lamp flames would face towards the middle lamp flame, which would face towards the west. The six lamp flames represent the six attributes: chesed, gevura, tiferet, netzach, hod and yesod. The middle lamp flame corresponds to malchut. We find that all of them face towards malchut, which is the vessel that receives these lights and illuminates the entire world. It also corresponds to the middle line (of the sefirot), as is known, which unites the right and left sides, to illuminate in a refined measure.

Only if all characteristics are refined and united...can the light of chochma shine.

Therefore, we can derive from the above that only if there is [a general] unity of all of Israel, in all of its levels, simple people and Torah scholars, who are involved in work and involved in Mitzvahs, and also [a unity] within [each] particular [person], in a personal manner. Only if all characteristics are refined and united, without separation, can the light of chochma shine. The meaning of the "light of chochma" is the revelation of the Divine providence of the Creator, in the aspect of [our perceiving G‑d as] the "Good One, Who does good/Tov Umayteev".

And the one who lights the lamps is Aaron the Cohen, who "loves peace and pursues peace." He is called in the Zohar: "the Escort of the Queen." This means that he knew [how] to unite the Nation of Israel and [how] to bring them near to the Holy One.

Delivered orally; translated by David Devor from his notes and extensively edited by KabbalaOnline.org staff.

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