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Flickering Lamp of the Soul
The Menorah reflects the various aspects of our divine service.
King Solomon said, "G-d's lamp is the human soul." The flame of a candle constantly flickers upwards, as if yearning to leave the wick behind and ascend to the heavens. The soul shares this nature, constantly striving to break out of the boundaries imposed on it by the body and the physical world and reconnect with its spiritual source.
Never Too Late!
Repentance is rooted in the heights of the spiritual worlds
There are two methods of serving G-d: the path of "righteousness" - represented by the regular Passover celebration, and the path of "repentance", embodied by Pesach Sheini. In order to return to the proper path, it is not enough to merely avoid impropriety; the individual must strengthen the weak point in his relationship with G-d, thus transforming the power of evil into holiness.
Kindling the Purpose of Creation
We must train ourselves to overcome the natural tendency of material reality to obscure God's presence in our lives.
The lamps of the Menora must be kindled until the wicks catch flame and burn on their own. This is an allegory for our purpose on earth: to kindle the flame of Divine consciousness until all of created reality burns on its own with the enthusiasm required to fulfill its Divine purpose—to make the world into G‑d's home.
Blow Those Trumpets
A war that we are constantly fighting is the war against our evil inclination.
The allegorical "trumpet" we sound in order to enlist God's help against the evil inclination is our heart-broken cry, the silent tears we shed over being so spiritually weak that we are vulnerable to the evil inclination's strategies. When we beseech G-d to have mercy on us, He comes to our aid and rescues us from our enemy.
Light and Unity
All the other six flames of the Menora would face towards the middle lamp flame, which would face towards the west.
if there is unity of all of Israel in all of its levels - simple people and Torah scholars together, and also unity within each particular person - if all characteristics are refined and united, can the light of chochma shine, revealing the Divine providence of the Creator
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