The Lubavitcher Rebbe on Moshiach and Redemption

From Exile to Redemption
Light is particularly powerful amidst darkness.
Perceiving Miracles
Even miracles which are enclothed in the natural order will be revealed.
Saddling Up Mashiach's Donkey
The redemption from Egypt was a necessary phase in the ultimate redemption of the physical.
Stages in Redemption
The Final Redemption unfolds in two distinct phases.
The Death of Death
'He will swallow up death forever.'
Transcending Limitations
All entities will exist on an infinitely higher plane.
Infected Governments
The repentance preceding the Redemption need not be evinced by a wholesale return to full Jewish observance.
Express vs. Local
There are two ways in which the messianic age can commence: (a) "in its time," and (b) "I will hasten it."
Two Final Stages
Two Final Stages
Western civilization shares the values and worldview of ancient Rome.
The Teacher and The King
The goodness the king gives to his people reflects his exaltedness.
Permitting the Pig
In the Time to Come, G-d will announce: "Anyone who didn’t eat pig’s flesh may come and collect his reward."
Breaking Through to Redemption
In the Final Redemption, the miracles of the Egyptian exodus will seem like child's play.
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