Author: Nadav Cohen
Translator: Zalman Nelson

The Book of Tanya provides us with a full picture of man's soul, the uniquely Jewish soul, the structure of the worlds, the meaning behind the mitzvot, our purpose in life, and much more, Rabbi Shneur Zalman of Chabad’s masterpiece enables us to understand the loftiest of spiritual concepts intellectually and logically.

... Tanya emphasizes... grasping deep concepts with our intellectual attributes...

Besides discussing the great importance of pure and wholesome faith, the Tanya emphasizes the importance of grasping deep concepts with our intellectual attributes of Chochma, and Bina, internalizing them, and then putting them into practice via Da'at. It is specifically our intellect that serves as our tool of connection to spirituality and G‑dliness, enabling us to make true and powerful changes on the soul level.

Along with growing worldwide interest in spirituality has come an increasing demand to learn and grasp the Tanya's two-hundred-year-old wisdom. But despite their initial excitement and enthusiasm, many students struggle to understand and give up. Why? The Tanya is long and can be difficult to fathom. Even though commentaries on the Tanya exist, most of them are so deep that new students feel overwhelmed and are scared off from further attempt to study it.

...Ascent Institute in Safed tried a new approach...

In an effort to make the Tanya's incredible wisdom and guidance more accessible, the Ascent Institute in Safed tried a new approach: on-line courses covering the first twelve chapters of the Tanya that featured a more oral, experiential approach. Reading, translating and explaining the text was replaced with summaries, general commentary on themes and subjects, and stories and examples from daily life. This unprecedented initiative was very successful and enjoyed fabulous feedback.

This book is an easy-to-read summary of those courses.

But please remember one thing: reading this book is not a replacement for studying the Tanya in its original Hebrew. But it does serve as a great introduction to this classic work of Chassidut. Hopefully this taste will inspire you to join a local class or study the original commentaries to delve deeper into the Tanya's wisdom.


Nadav Cohen worked many years as Educational Director for Ascent-of-Safed. Still living in Safed, he is in demand as a teacher and lecturer, due to his ability to explain the loftiest of concepts in user-friendly language.

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