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The Secret of Simchat Torah
Throughout the month of Tishrei we effect the simultaneous revelation of opposites.
"Torah" usually connotes study: comprehension and understanding; we view Torah as the ultimate intelligence. By expressing our boundless joy through dancing while holding Torah scrolls on Simchat Torah, we cause the Torah to obtain happiness! And by dancing, we become the Torah's feet.
Rise and Fall
Sukkot embodies the power to bring supernal unity down into the world
The straight rod of the bound Four Species directs the sukkah's Encompassing Light down into inwardness. Infinity becomes grasped, contained and absorbed, i.e. G-d's Holiness is drawn into the physicality of the Four Species.
A Crown of Supernal Joy
On Simchat Torah, the elation we draw down is beyond the intellect.
The main concept of Simchat Torah is simcha, or joy, as is indicated by the name of the holiday. It is from this special day that we derive all our happiness for the entire year, as it is on this day that the Jewish People brings down a higher aspect of Torah within the Torah itself, a joy which crowns the Torah from the aspect of keter.
Integrating Revelations
Pesach celebrates the Exodus from Egypt, when we were not spiritually mature enough to assimilate and integrate the significance and implications of the great Divine revelations we witnessed. Only six months later, at Shemini Atzeret, have we received and integrated the new Divine consciousness fully and these revelations become truly ours.
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