Chasidic Masters

An anthology of inspirational insights from the Baal Shem Tov and the Hasidic leaders of the succeeding generations

1:14 "If I Am Not…"
"In what way is my worship important to G·d?"
Jacob's Ladder
Kabbalah teaches there are four layers of consciousness through which we ascend.
Present Tense
The Afternoon Prayer is a special gift to G-d
Important Answers
Be sensitive to the meaning of the words "G-d, faithful King," the soul of the word Amen.
Evoking Prayer
If all suffering and other issues for which one should pray will disappear with the times of the Mashiach, what will happen to prayer itself?
Ascending Higher and Higher
Arouse yourself to utilize all that G-d sends your way during prayer
May the Words of My Mouth
How can we make use of so many representations in praying to G-d?
The Thirteenth Gate
There is one pathway through which all prayers may pass
Returning Fallen Sparks
Strange thoughts during prayer are just begging to be rectified.
Not Like Yesterday
Elevating sparks comes through the extraneous thoughts that enter the mind during prayer.
Struck with a Sledgehammer During Prayer
When an untoward thought arises in one's mind during prayer, it is so that he can rectify it and raise it back to its Source.
The Heavy Head
With every prayer and word of Torah uttered with concentration, you unite the World of Speech with the World of Thought.
3:2 A Book of Remembrance
Jewish mystics reveal spiritual insights regarding the concept of a yahrzeit.
Being Careful Upon Waking
Speech is an offshoot of thought, and action an offshoot of speech.
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