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Unique Yet Equal
Each Jew is required to fulfill the Torah in his or her own special way.
The contributions of the princes upon the dedication of the altar in the Tabernacle is described in this Torah portion. Despite the fact that each donation was identical, each tribal prince's contribution is individually described.

The Lubavitcher Rebbe explains how this presents the uniqueness of each tribe and each Jew; while each prince performed the same deed, the spiritual factors and intentions involved behind the act were very different.
Sanctifying the Permitted
The Torah teaches us to elevate ourselves above the confines of the physical world.
A Jew is empowered to act according to rules and standards of the Torah in all aspects of life. As Shavuot approaches, let each of us make a resolution to take some part of our lives in which until now the world dictated how we were to behave, and imbue it with the light of Torah, allowing us to elevate it and make it holy.
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