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2:1 Every Single Day
Each mitzvah is filled with shining divine light.
To be mindful of mitzvot and to heed their performance protects man from sin. The emphasis is on daily acts. Every single day is an important entity on its own. To the seeker of G-d there is no difference between "major" and "minor" mitzvot: both are commands of G-d and effect refinement and illumination of the soul.
2:2 Work/Study Program
By learning Torah as well as earning a living, we unite the spiritual worlds.
Prior to Adam's sin, he enjoyed the ideal luxury of isolating himself from the outside world and completely commit himself to Torah study. However, after sinning, Adam and we, his descendants, help remedy his sin by abiding by the values of Torah while concurrently toiling for a living.
2:4 Fulfill the Will
We must constantly meditate with proper intention
"Fulfill His will as you would your own will" - at the time of prayer.
"Set aside your will" - throughout the day, after the hour of prayer. Whereas the human will is a product of man's intellectual faculties, the Supernal will transcends intellect.
2:5 The Strength of the Community Social Unit
Why and how you should not separate from the community
Judaism preaches that a person should embrace the community, for the greater community keeps us from falling prey to our constantly changing nature and circumstances that are out of our control, and strengthens us towards achieving our spiritual goals. [However not to the extent that he loses his individuality.]
2:12 In All Your Ways
A person should be especially conscious of divinity in the most physical contexts.
Complete acceptance of the yoke of Heaven's kingship requires one, while eating, to concentrate on the thought that he eats only in order that he may be strong to serve G-d.
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