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THEMES of Featured Chasidic Masters Articles

A Peaceful Shabbat
It is appropriate to take any measures necessary to guard against anger on Shabbat, and it is incumbent upon every Jew to heal any wound that his anger caused during the week.
Sabbath Soul
On Shabbat we are commanded to refrain from doing forbidden labors and to sanctify it by making Kiddush on wine, using clean clothes and fresh bedding, eating good food etc. The essence of the day is to elevate even the physical aspects of Shabbat to become spiritual.
Consuming Beauty
The sweetness and beauty of Shabbat is so delicious that it can only be experienced by biting into it and savoring its taste - by having a sensory-filled spiritual experience.
5:6 Rebelling Against Rest
Korach rebelled against the very institution of Shabbat, described as a divine gift. While he could appreciate the Festivals [called "mo'adim" in Hebrew] as occasions which celebrated events that occurred to the Jewish People and his cohorts were known as "those summoned for mo'ed", he disputed the notion that G-d could grant us this day of rest, the Shabbat.