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Shabbat is for Keeping
The Kabbalah of Shabbat -- rectification of all Creation
The creation of the primordial world of Tohu ("Chaos") was not a "mistake" or a miscalculation on G-d's part, but rather a necessary stage in the unfolding of Creation. The sefirot of Tohu lacked the ability to contain or absorb the "light", i.e. creative energy, of G-d. In their fragility, they shattered as soon as the higher light attempted to shine through them. By screening the divine light, G-d created a new, more stable world that could withstand and transmit the light it received.
Honoring the Masculine and Feminine
When we honor both the male and female aspects of Shabbat, we will be redeemed.
The Sages state that if the Jewish people would keep two Shabbats properly, they would be redeemed immediately. This is usually understood to mean two Shabbats in a row, but the Ari comments that the mystical meaning of this statement is that we must keep the two spiritual aspects of the Shabbat - the feminine and masculine aspects - Shabbat night and Shabbat day.
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