And Jacob went on his way, and angels of G‑d met him..." (Gen. 32:2) Rabbi Aba began with the verse: "male and female, He created them". (Gen. 5:2) [He begins with praising the Torah by saying:] How much it befits us to look into the words of the Torah! Woe to all the hard-hearted and blindfolded! For the Torah calls to them: "Come, eat of my bread and drink of the wine which I have mingled. (Proverbs 9:5) "Whoever is simple, let him turn in here: she speaks out to him that lacks understanding". (Proverbs 9:4) But there is no one to pay attention to her.

Adam and Eve were created as one...

Come and see. [The verse about male and female] contains deep mysteries. It alludes inwardly [to the secrets of the Torah] and outwardly [to the plain meaning of the words]. It may be understood in either manner. One way to understand this is that the sun [the male called Zeir Anpin] and moon [the female called Nukva] are bound as one, about which it is written: "He created them [together united]," and "The sun and moon stood still in her habitation". (Habakuk 3:11) It is also understood that Adam and Eve were created as one, and once they unified as one [to create offspring], Elokim "blessed them". (Gen. 5:2) This is because blessing dwells only where male and female are founding unity together.

Come and see! When Jacob left to go toward Haran, he was unmarried. It is written: "and he entreated in a certain place". (Gen. 28:11) Then he was answered only in a dream. After he was married and came together with all the tribes, the supernal camps met him and entreated him, as it is written: "and angels of G‑d met (or 'entreated') him." Now they came to meet him. First it is written: "and he entreated [in Hebrew, 'vayifga'] in a certain place." Now it was written, "and angels of G‑d entreated [in Hebrew, 'vayifge'u] to him" because their drawing Divine abundance from the Great Sea [the sefira of malchut] now depended on Jacob and the tribes [his sons]. This was not the only difference

At first, he saw the angels at night in a dream. Now he saw them with his eyes during the daytime, as it is written: "And when Jacob saw them, he said: This is G‑d's camp". (Gen. 32:2)

How did he recognize them [as angels of G‑d]? He saw they were the same angels as he had seen in his first dream [ascending and descending the ladder]. He therefore called them 'two camps' [in Hebrew, "Machanayim"]. Those who were seen Above [in his dream] and Below [physically while awake].

Why were they now revealed to him to entreat him? The Shechinah came to him to take residence in Jacob's household and She waited for Benjamin [to be born] to make Her home with him as befitting in Jacob's household. Thus it says, "And Jacob shall return, and be quiet and at ease, and none shall make him afraid". (Jeremiah 46:27)

BeRahamim LeHayyim:
Does blessing only rest on where male and female are both found? Does that mean that those of us who are at the moment without physical partners are Heaven forfend, not blessed? Cursed?

That is not what the above Zohar holds. Yes, before our forefather Jacob was married, he had to approach G‑d in prayer; after his marriage, it was the messengers of G‑d approaching him.

One needs to be...completely holistic within oneself.

As the Zohar describes male and female in spiritual terms, namely the Diminished Presence and his Consort, the Divine Presence, so too should we seek to relate male and female in spiritual analogy. One needs to be individuated, completely holistic within oneself. For if saving the life of a person is the worth of saving the world, too a person needs to integrate both of her giving and receiving qualities.

Shalom without, and Shalom within. Male and Female we too were created, and it is our job to keep balance, and stay balanced.

[Bracketed annotations from Metok Midevash and Sulam commentaries]