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Ups and Downs on the Way to Haran
Kabbalah asks if Jacob's journeys were to illuminate or be illuminated.
The Zohar teaches that Jacob descended into the realm of the unholy to the realm of the three impure kelipot - in order to extract the sparks of holiness from there and eventually restore them to their former place in the Holy Land.
Ladder With No Snakes
Through Jacob, the vehicle for the Holy became manifest
This Torah reading describes G-d as "standing over" Jacob before blessing him. The Zohar teaches that here "G-d", manifesting the sefira of tiferet, was standing over Jacob in order to infuse tiferet into Jacob, making him a vehicle for those spiritual attributes associated with it.
Dreams and Visions
Self-reflection, provided by marriage, is a prerequisite to prophecy.
Jacob, who represents the perfection of the forefathers, only merited to have G-d appear to him in a dream since he was not yet married at that time and was therefore incomplete and not worthy of perceiving the spiritual at the level of prophecy.
Safe Return
Audio | 5:42
Safe Return
Based on Zohar Breishit 150B
"iniquities prevail upon me, You shall purge away our transgressions"

Jacob did not trust that G-d would forgive his sins and therefore he did not have faith in G-d's promise to him, that He would safeguard him nonetheless. Jacob was afraid that he might sin and that would prevent him from returning home in peace.

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