[Shmuel said: I found other scattered, but congruent writings, from discussions regarding Adam. I decided to include them here, even though they lack relevance to this particular discussion.]

It is said that before the sin of Adam, he incorporated the four worlds of ABY"A, and all five levels of each world: yechida, chaya, neshama, ruach, and nefesh. When he sinned, some of them were removed and returned to their holy places. They are level one.

Some remained with Adam, but the kelipot have no effect over them. These are level two.

Some remained and fell within the kelipot, male souls into male kelipot, and female souls into female kelipot. They are level three.

Level two divides into two parts, the first part being the souls that remained within Adam for the sake of his own body, and the second part being those that remained with him but which were inherited by his sons Cain and Abel when they were born.

We will now briefly explain the three levels, after a short introduction:

The four worlds of ABY"A are [alternately] called, Abba, Imma, Zeir Anpin, and Nukva. There are no kelipot on the level of Abba/chochma, the first three [sefirot] of Imma [bina], and the levels of keter within Zu"N. With respect to the rest of the levels, the kelipot do latch on when people sin.

The underlying point here is that kelipot are as if the antithesis of Divinity. G‑d gives good, life, light - kelipot take and/or hide them. In a realm of complete G‑dliness, kelipot automatically have no place. This explains why they cannot exist in Abba/chochma/Atzilut.1 The upper triad of Imma, and the keter’s of Zu"N, although much lower than Abba, do manifest enough Divinity to nix kelipot from breeding.

"They die - but not in chochma." (Ecc.) In order to nix the hold of kelipot from the self, one must draw chochma-force. It is the power of nullification/self-sacrifice. The more chochma drawn, the more kelipot/ego are eradicated from the self.

[Translation and commentary by Perets Auerbach.]