Come and see the great supernal love G‑d has for Israel, like a king with an only son who constantly sinned against him. One day, he sinned against the king; the king said: 'I have beaten you previously, but you have not learned [subservience]. From now on, see what I shall do to you. If I drive you out of the land and deport you from the kingdom, wild bears, wild wolves, or murderers might attack you and kill you. What shall I do? We shall both leave the country [and I will protect you from wild animals and robbers]

Similarly, the words "even I," mean that I and you shall leave the land, This is what G‑d said to Israel: 'What shall I do? I have struck you [with afflictions] but you did not lend your ears. I have brought warriors and angels of destruction upon you to strike you, but you have not hearkened. If I drive you out of the land on your own, I fear that bears and wolves will attack and kill you. What then shall I do to you? You and I shall leave the land and go into exile.' This is the meaning of, "and I will afflict you"; to go into exile. 'You may say that I will leave you, but "even I," am with you.' " times for your sins," that is, [the] seven[th sefira, malchut] will be deported with you. For what reason? "[to atone] for your sins."

This is the meaning of, "for your transgressions was your Mother put away." (Isaiah 50:1) G‑d said: 'You brought it about that you and I shall not dwell in the land. Behold the Matron
[the Shechinah] left the palace with you. Observe everything is in ruin; My palace and yours, in ruins.' For the palace is not fit for a King, save when He enters it together with the Matron. The King rejoices only when He enters the Matron's palace, and Her children are with Her in the palace. All rejoice then as one. 'Now that the son and the Matron are not [in Her palace], My palace is in ruins. What shall I do? I shall go with you.' And now, though Israel are in exile, G‑d is with them, and does not leave them. When Israel are released from the exile, G‑d will return with them, as it is written: "The L-rd your G‑d will return your captives." (Deut. 30:3) Indeed, " The L-rd your G‑d will [himself1] return" [from captivity]. We have already explained this.

BeRahamim LeHayyim: What does this mean to you, and why is it revealed now?

This is a similar message to that from yesterday, where we were told that in our exile from the land, the Shechinah dwells with us. She went to Babylon, and returned. So too will she completely return when we all return to the Land of Israel with the coming of the Mashiach and the building of the Temple, may it be soon in our time!

What is noteworthy about this is that G‑d too is with us in exile! Not only is the Divine Presence, the Shechinah, here, but Her mate, the "upper" face that gives Her flow and vitality, is also here with us. We are all one family even in exile. We are family! I've got my brothers and sisters with me!

Bracketed annotations from Metok Midevash and Sulam commentaries
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