"And I will give you peace in the land, and you shall lie down, and none shall make you afraid." (Lev. 26:6) Rabbi Yosi opened: "Tremble, and sin not..." (Psalms 4:5) This verse has been explained, that it behooves man to have his Good Inclination cause his Evil one to tremble. (Berachot 5a) This is well explained.

But [another explanation is that] when night falls and man lies in his bed, numerous seekers of judgment stir up in the world and come out and roam around. At this time, men should tremble before G‑d and fear Him so that their souls will not accompany them [in his sleep], but will be saved from them. It behooves one not to utter one word of them so as not to rouse them against him, and so that they will not be with him. Hence, it says, "commune with your own heart upon your bed, and be still," that one must not talk about them. [Naming Angelic or other forces out loud arouses consciousness of them and acts like an antenna to call them to a person. Another reason is that after one recites the order for reading the Shema at bedtime one should not talk because part of the prayer relates to “depositing” the soul with the Creator and after that any talk can only detract from that intention. If it is deposited, any talking is irrelevant and calls external forces and delays the soul's ascent.]

Come and see: when Israel are found worthy before G‑d , it is written: "And I will give peace [yesod] in the land [malchut]." This is up above, as [the] G‑d[ly aspect of Zeir Anpin], comes to join [unite with] the Congregation of Israel [malchut]. Then, "you shall lie down, and none [of the external forces] shall make you afraid." Why? Because "I will remove evil beasts out of the land." This is an evil kind of beast that is down below. Which? Igeret the daughter of Machalat and all her companions [who prevent the elevation of Israel's souls while they sleep by feeding them fantasies]. This is by night. By day, armed men who are spiritually rooted from her side. This is the meaning of, "neither shall the sword go through your land." (Lev. 26:6)

Rabbi Aba said: It has been explained that not even a sword of peace [shall pass through the Land of Israel] as [we learned] in the case of the Pharaoh Necho: "neither shall the sword go through your land," alludes to her companions [of Igeret Bat Machalat]. "I will remove evil beasts out of the land," [this is she herself and] means that they shall not have dominion over the land, nor shall they even go through - not the sword of the other nations, and you shall not have even one armed person pass through.

BeRahamim LeHayyim: What does the above mean to you, and why is it being revealed right now?

If we follow the Torah we are promised in this parasha abundant rains, rains that will fall on Shabbat night, convenient because we will be home, safe and sound, surrounded by family, light, wine, bread, holiness.

A sensitive soul can feel and is attracted to the energy of holiness and is repelled by all things negative. The above Zohar gives over deep secrets of the stratagems of the Other Side. What may seem superstitious has been incorporated in halacha, like the rule not to mention the Name of the Accuser or his forces at night when he rules. No devil, diablo, demon, Satan, Shei-dim, Lil-lit, etc.

Bracketed annotations from Metok Midevash and Sulam commentaries
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