"Remember" is the secret of the male aspect [Zeir Anpin] which grasps all the limbs of the supernal world. "The [in Hebrew, 'et'] Shabbat day" includes Shabbat eve [night being related to malchut]. This is [expressed by the additional word] "Et to keep it holy", for the Shabbat must receive holiness from amidst the holy nation and be crowned by them [by the Jewish nation making kiddush to declare its holiness], as is proper.

"Remember" comes from a place where there is no forgetfulness [where there is no connection to kelipot or to the Other Side, which cause forgetfulness] and there is no possibility of forgetfulness, in the place of the supernal Covenant [yesod] and all the more so Above it. Below there is forgetfulness [due to the kelipot], a place of need of reminding, and of this is written: "The iniquity of his fathers shall be remembered" (Psalms 109:14) and there are emissaries there who recount a man's merits and sins.

There is no forgetfulness before the Holy Throne [malchut] of what or who is before Him. And even more so Above, for there lies the secret of the male aspect [Zeir Anpin] wherein the secret of the holy name, yud and hei and vav, is engraved. Below, men should be sanctified by fulfilling the commandment "remember" [the Shabbat day, related to Zeir Anpin] from which She derives all her blessings and holiness. Then Shabbat eve [malchut] is crowned, as it should be, by the prayers of the Holy Nation and by [their] joyful arranging [the meal of Shabbat eve].

You might say that "Remember" does not need to be sanctified, for all holiness in the world come from it. This is not so, for it should be sanctified on the day and at night, and only then are Israel sanctified by the holiness of the Holy One, blessed be He.

BeRahamim LeHayyim: What does this mean for you, and why is it being revealed now?

Zachor/remembering is related to Zachar/male. "Remember" our Sages say is to keep Shabbat in our minds and hearts, and to give verbal expression to its holiness. Forgetfulness is a kelipa/shell that husks our acquired knowledge. The difference in gematria between Zachor/remember and Shachach/forget is 101, that of the celestial angel Micha-el. Sometimes we need the help of a celestial messenger to stay mindful of the Shabbat. Perhaps that is one reason why we sing "Shalom Alecheim" at the beginning of our table Seder. We are told that there are indeed Ministering Angels there, yes there, by our table, observing our actions, ready to bless us or G‑d forbid curse us according to our acceptance of the Holy Shabbat. May all of our remembrances be for blessing!

Bracketed annotations from Metok Midevash and Sulam commentaries
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