Rabbi Yitzchak opened [his discourse] with the verse: "And G‑d called to Moses, and spoke to him from the tent of meeting, saying." (Lev. 1:1) Why is the word "called" [in Hebrew, 'vayikra', spelled with] a small Aleph? The one who dwells in the sanctuary [the Shechinah, represented by small letters] is the one who called and invited Moses as one invites a guest. Here with a small Aleph and in another verse, "Adam, Seth, Enosh" (Chron. 1:1) ['Adam' is spelled with] a big Aleph, for Adam was the completion of all [creation].

Come and see the difference between Moses and Aaron. Which one is superior? Moses is. Moses is the King's [Zeir Anpin's] escort and Aaron is the Queen's [malchut's] escort. This is like a king who gave his exalted queen a escort to attend to her household and all her needs; and this escort would never appear before the king without the queen. Thus, it is written about Aaron: "Thus 'with this [in Hebrew, 'zot'/this; malchut is called zot] shall Aaron come into the holy place." (Lev. 16:3)

Moses was the escort of the King. Therefore, he was invited as a guest. Then "G‑d spoke to him." Aaron was the escort of the Queen and all his words were for the purpose of making the Queen pleasing to the King, so that the King would be pleased with Her. As the escort of the Queen, he made a his dwelling with Her to constantly attend to her household. He was established for this after the supernal model and was called a "High Priest." Whence do we know that? It is written: "You shall be a priest forever, like Malchi-tzedek." (Psalms 110:4) [Malchi/melech, meaning king, tzedek meaning malchut; thus making the Queen pleasing to the King.]

Therefore, he took everything he needed from the residence of the King and none can defy him. And he had to purify all those coming to the house of the Queen, so that there would be none who were unclean among those who entered the sanctuary. Hence, it is written: "Then shall the priest command to take for him to be cleansed two clean, live birds" [as commanded by G‑d to purify the leper so he could come pure to the Temple].

BeRahamim LeHayyim: What does this mean to You? Why is it revealed now?

What is your job? Not your physical 9 - 5. Rather your spiritual 24/7. Why were you brought to this earth-plane? What role do you have in the Tikkun Olam? These are essential questions to ask and to answer. We are told that the goal in life is to know your name. Not that given by your parents in partial prophesy. But rather the name of our soul, which would indicate your job. Moses' and Aaron's jobs were pretty clear. For us, it is the work of a lifetime to figure it out. Better sooner than later.

Bracketed annotations from Metok Midevash and Sulam commentaries
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