This week's Torah reading, Vayeishev, has a theme of prophetic dreams, with two significant ones at the beginning and two more at the end (plus two more at the start of next week's reading, Mikeitz).
Articles #1-4 (plus the story, #7) offers deep insights into dreams #3-5 are for the Torah reading; #5-6 presents important and kabbalistic teachings for Chanukah, which starts this Thursday night and ends next week on Friday at sunset.
Please take note that #5 finds in the Torah reading extraordinary allusions to and insights for the 8-day holiday, based on a teaching from the book Bat Ayin, published in 1830 by the leader of all the different chasidim in Tzefat at that time, the Avritcher Rebbe.
[Next week's issue will have many more Chanukah articles. Look for it on Sunday.]