Welcome to our special LAG B'OMER issue
In many places, Lag B'Omer is 'picnic day,' 'bonfire night, 'outing day' and so forth. In Israel it is primarily "Zohar Day," and that is why hundreds of thousands [try to] make the pilgrimage to Meron and the tomb of Rashbi, the source of the Zohar teachings. Articles #1-3 offer different levels of Kabbalistic insights into this special day, including the custom of 3 year old boys receiving their first haircut and peyot there.

Today, Sunday, is Pesach Sheini - "Second Passover," the Torah's most overlooked holiday! (see article #5 for its biblical root), so try to eat a piece of matza this afternoon before sunset in honor of the occasion

This Jewish year, 5782, is a "Sabbatical Year," which this week's Torah reading associates with required Divine miracles. Read all about one, in article #7 (story), from "Saturday Night, Full Moon," the second book in a 3-volume series by KabbalaOnline.org's managing editor.

Finally, the 4th article continues our Zohar translation series, while the 6th article is an analysis utilizing basic Kabbalah principles of a teaching in the 4th chapter of Pirkei Avot, which we will study on Shabbat afternoon.

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