Welcome to our special PASSOVER 5782 (part 1) issue.
The Festival of PESACH begins on Shabbat night, April 15, and ends at sunset before Shabbat of the following week (in Israel; after Shabbat outside of Israel).
Every article is about the holiday except one (#6), about a special once-a-year blessing, which according to Kabbalah should be said specifically in Nisan, the Jewish month in which Pesach fills its third week.
The others include one from Rabbi Yitzchak Luria on burning chametz, the "Holy Ari" of Tzefat (#5), one from the Zohar expaining according to Kabbbalah why the Jews had to stay indoors that night (#4), and one from the Old City of Jerusalem kabbalist who passed away a few years ago, Rabbi Avralam Brandwein, on — among several topics — the 4 cups of wine (#3).
The 120th anniversary of the birthday of the Lubavitcher Rebbe falls this Tuesday; two of his teachings for the 7th/8th Pesach Festival days
are scheduled to appear in next week's issue.