We are now well into the Three Weeks of semi-mourning (see article #2), commemorating the destruction of the two Holy Temples in Jerusalem.
This week concludes with Shabbat that is also Rosh Chodesh (lead article), the first day of the Jewish month called Menachem-Av,
inaugurating the Nine Days of additional restrictions culminating in the 24+ hour fast of Tisha b'Av
(these latter two topics will be discussed extensively in next week's issue. See also "Out if the Ashes" in the Home Page features).
The 3rd article is for the 2nd chapter of the third cycle of Pirkei Avot, which many continue to study on Shabbat afternoons until Rosh Hashana.
The next three articles relate to this Weekly Reading of two portions — #4 for Mattot, #5 for Massai, and #6 for the two in combination.