Article #3 is about Rabbi Chaim Vital (see "Dedication" below), while #4 presents the opening of KabbalaOnline's running translation and commentary of one of his books of the teachings of the 'Holy Ari,' "Gate of Reincarnations"
The 1st article continues our insights into the mitzvah of Counting Omer;
The 2nd article presents insights for the 2nd chapter of Pirkei Avot (the Mishnaic tractate of 'Ethical Principles'), of which we study one chapter each Shabbat until Shavuot (and many repeat the cycle through the last Shabbat before Rosh Hashana).
The Weekly Reading combines two separate readings. Article #5 (by Ari-z'l) is for Tazria, #6 (Zohar) is for Metzorah, while #7, the story, connects to a theme common to both.