This is the first full week of the Jewish month of Iyar , the "Month of Healing" — see article #2.
We are often asked about Zohar translations. One of the most impressive yet least known is the e-book by R. Peretz Auerbach of the Old City of Jerusalem. Its opening section constitutes this week's opening article.
The 4th article presents insights for the 2nd chapter of PIRKEI AVOT (the Mishnaic tractate of 'Ethical Principles'), of which we study one chapter each Shabbat until Shavuot (and many repeat the cycle through the last Shabbat before Rosh Hashana).
The Weekly Reading combines two separate readings. Article #5 (Zohar) is for ACHAREI, #6 (Ari-zal) is for KEDOSHIM. while #7, the story, concludes with a theme common to both.