Starting Rosh Chodesh Av (Wednesday), the semi-mourning strictures of the 3 Weeks leading up to Tisha b'Av intensify — see articles #6,7 about The Nine Days.
This Shabbat, before the Tisha b'Av 24 hour fast, has a special name: "Shabbat Chazon" — "The Shabbat of Vision" — see article #5.
Articles #3-4 are for the Weekly Reading, the first reading in the Fifth "Book of Moses", called Devarim ("Deuteronomy").
The 5th of Av (Saturday night - Sunday) is the 447th "Hilula" (yahrzeit celebration) of the Holy Ari, Rabbi Yitzchak Luria, greatest of the Tzefat Kabbalists (articles 1,2, 6,7).
Join KabbalaOnline in Tzefat, and other visitors amd local residents for the annual pilgrimage and Tzefat celebration.