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Week of Matot - Masei 5780
Vol. 16 No. 43, 20 - 26 Tamuz, 5780 / Jul 12 - 18, 2020
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In honor of all the sincere students of the teachings of the Holy ARI and his successors,
who are faithful in their attempts to understand and to explain the concepts
according to the intentions with which they were recorded.
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 Classic Kabbalah - Safed Kabbalists
Rabbi Moshe Cordovero — His work is called Paradise.

Four Who Entered Paradise — They ascended to Heaven by using the Holy Name.

 3 Weeks - Mystical Classics
2 Tabernacles for 2 Realities — The sanctuary on earth is opposite G‑d's sanctuary in Heaven

 Ethics of the Fathers - Pirkei Avot
1:14 "If I Am Not…" — "In what way is my worship important to G·d?"

 Weekly Torah Reading - Mystical Classics
Self-Contemplative Warriors — Kabbalah teaches that victory is guaranteed when one's soldiers are righteous.

 Weekly Torah Reading - Contemporary Kabbalists
The 42 Journeys of Our Lives — There are forty-two spiritual journeys each of us makes throughout our life.

 Mystic Story
An All-Purpose Kaddish — He wrote an exceedingly generous check for 20,000 kroner, but who was he? How did the gentile wife know more than the great rabbis?