This year we will not fast on Tisha b'Av! --
the day commemorating the destruction in the past of the Holy Temples in Jerusalem
(articles #2-4, 7)--
that's because it falls on Shabbat, so the fast is postponed until the end of Shabbat Day at sunset.
It continues until we make Havdala on Sunday night.
This Shabbat, before the Tisha b'Av 24 hour fast, has a special name:
"Shabbat Chazon" — "The Shabbat of Vision" — see articles #2-3.
The 5th of Av (Monday night - Tuesday) is the 447th "Hilula" (yahrzeit celebration) of the Holy Ari, Rabbi Yitzchak Luria, greatest of the Tzefat Kabbalists (articles 1 & 5) —
Join KabbalaOnline in Tzefat at ASCENT, and thousands of others all around the town for the annual pilgrimage and Tzefat celebration.
Send a prayer to be recited at the Holy Ari's gravesite.