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Holy Pleasures
It is specifically in the lowest end of Creation that the potential for holiness is the greatest.
G-d commanded the Jewish people to take vengeance against Midian because they enticed them into the idolatry of Pe'or ; this idolatry of is hedonism, the indulgence in sensual pleasure as an end in itself, implying that physical pleasures are either too "low" and vulgar to serve divine purposes or are somehow off-limits for the holy life.
Vows can protect us from the over-indulgences of the physical world.
Moses, Warrior of Peace
We are commanded to wage war against forces of discord and strife.
This Land is Your Land
Our existence here in this world is a tremendous opportunity.
The 42 Journeys of Our Lives
There are forty-two spiritual journeys each of us makes throughout our life.
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