This website, although enormous, is only a tiny droplet in the vast sea of Kabbala wisdom. Kabbala can add so much depth, wonder and meaning to Torah study and our daily lives, but where to begin?

Don’t get overwhelmed, we can help!

First of all, it is most important from whom you learn. Too many people today are cashing in on Kabbala's popularity to sell you enlightenment. You don’t need any expensive or fancy courses and no "accessories" other than the books and tapes from which you would like to study (indeed, beware of anyone who charges much money for lessons or tries to sell you "Kabbala candles" or "Kabbala water"). You will want to learn from someone with a reputation for commitment to learning and living an honest Torah life.

The KabbalaOnline staff is ready to advise you how to begin your personal path in the learning of the secrets of Torah, Kabbalah and Jewish mysticism. We can direct you to the right person and place to learn near you. From China to Czechoslovakia, Montreal to Madrid, in person, through books, or on the World Wide Web.

Ready to continue learning kabbala off-line?

Here are some places to get you started. If you don't find an opportunity near you on this list, contact us and we will send you contact information for a qualified teacher(s) in your area.

Don’t hesitate — Start today!

In [or from] Safed:
Ascent Institute
[programs and classes in English and in Hebrew]
Now you can learn authentic Kabbalah live online. Join in the live interactive learning, ask questions, gain in knowledge, and be part of a global learning community.

In the Jerusalem area:
Rabbi Avraham Sutton

In Central Israel:
Daat Seminars
Yitzchak and Elena Arad
Tel: 08-946-3830 (Rechovot)

Rabbi Yitzchak Ginsburgh on tour in the USA or in Israel.

In the New York/New Jersey area:
Rabbi DovBer Pinson
Jewish Learning Annex (JELA)
117 Remsen Street
Brooklyn, N.Y. 11201
Rabbi Rafoel Leitner
7 Fox Lane,
Spring Valley,
NY 10977
(845) 356-5488

In Chicago:
Rabbi Moshe Miller
Learn in the comfort of your own home!
New classes using web conferencing starting regularly
(beginner, intermediate and advanced)
(773) 743-7168 /p>

In Los Angeles:
Rabbi Chaim Zev Citron:
723 N. Orange Drive
Los Angeles, California
Tel: (323) 857-1607

In London:
Rabbi Nissan Dubov
42 St. Georges Road
London, SW19 4ED England

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May all your spiritual journeys be ascents.

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