Mystical Classics

An anthology from the Shelah, the Alshich, the Ohr Hachayim, and others

Reaching the Mountain of G‑d
Paradise lost is recoverable.
Self-Sacrifice and the First-Born
The Jewish People are likened to unblemished offerings to G-d.
Just as in a human relationship, so love of G-d is proven only by having been successfully tested.
A frequent sinner acquires an additional soul, opposite of that an observant Jew is bestowed with on Shabbat.
To Him You Shall Cleave
Fortunate is the portion of the righteous whose souls ascend while they sleep and are not detained in an undesirable area.
Turning the Tables
In Kabbalah, how we eat has a great spiritual impact
Permitting the Pig
In the Time to Come, G-d will announce: "Anyone who didn’t eat pig’s flesh may come and collect his reward."
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