Chasidic Masters

Inspirational insights from the Baal Shem Tov and Hasidic leaders of succeeding generations

Audio-Visual Connections
Moses asked that G-d shine like the sun upon the Jewish People.
Sabbath Soul
On Shabbat, one must desire to completely connect to the Divine.
The Highest Level of Prayer
Prayer of the heart comes from a place of pain and suffering; prayer of the mind results from understanding and awe of G-dliness.
Roots of Secular & Religious Fundamentalism
The Rebbe shed a tear and then replied, "In whom do you expect me to believe after Auschwitz? In man?"
Struck with a Sledgehammer During Prayer
When an untoward thought arises in one's mind during prayer, it is so that he can rectify it and raise it back to its Source.
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