The Zohar

Teachings from the primary text of Kabbala, "The Book of Shining Light"

Kabbalah teaches that everything in the revealed world depends on the higher hidden world, its source.

Repairing the House
The Zohar teaches that proper rectification of the soul occurs step by step.
Read Your Stars Lately?
The power of Torah study casts one above the zodiac.
Three Who Cause Harm to Themselves
Based on Zohar Bamidbar 246a
A person who throws bread onto the ground causes a lack of respect for his own “bread winning,” deflecting Divine beneficence from himself.
Twice or Thrice?
Audio | 8:36
Twice or Thrice?
Based on Zohar Bamidbar 226a
All three types of sustenance food are mentioned in Psalm 145.

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