Ascent Lights

Contemporary illuminations from Ascent-of-Safed's director, Rabbi Shaul Leiter, staff & guest teachers

Kosher Conduct
The laws of kosher food teach us insights about proper behavior as well.
Building Up to Holiness
Higher levels of holiness require an even greater constant effort on our part.
Beyond Worldly Revelations
The number eight represents a level above nature.
Yoke of Heaven, Sunny Side Up!
Why exactly should we perform G-d's commandments?
Shabbat Shemini: Seventh & Eighth
Our goal is to move beyond even the holiness constricted to This World.
King David and His Wives
David married many women in the course of his lifetime, some well known; others we know not at all.
Spiritual Molecules
Would our rabbis be more successful in getting their message across if they exchanged their black frocks for white lab coats?
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