Mystical Classics

An anthology from the Shelah, the Alshich, the Ohr Hachayim, and others

Elements of Divine Service
The Tabernacle symbolized the letters of the Hebrew alef-bet
Cherubs of Gold
Cherubs of Gold
Kabbalah teaches that the cherubs unified the spiritual worlds.
The First Voluntary Offering
The average person donated of 1/50th of his crop; the generous gave 1/40th.
Two Ways of Expressing Desire
One stems from the intellect while the other stems from the heart.
Learn to choose from your own heart what your work is and then to put your entire heart in your work.
Construction Innuendos
By Rabbi Raymond Beyda
The Kli Yakar explains that the Ark, the Table and the Altar all teach us important lessons for dealing with each other and with life.
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