Contemporary Kabbalists

Penetrating insights from leading Kabbalists & mystics of our times

Love on the Mountain
Harmony with G-d depends upon harmony between each other.
Making the Infinite Accessible
By bowing to Jethro, Moses elevated natural wisdom to the realm of the Divine.
Individuality and the Collective
The Jewish Nation, like a body, has a general form as well as specific component parts.
Our Ongoing Conversation with G-d
When one sits down to seriously learn Torah, he is not just reading an ancient text; he is accessing G-d’s essence in a most intimate way.
Two Names of G-d
Studying the Torah and fulfilling its commandments enable us to contain the transcendent Divine consciousness.
Not Just Talking the Talk
The Torah must be implemented in the physical world.
Taking the Fifth
A finite creature's ability to procreate an infinite chain of generations derives from G-d's infinity.
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